Punches & Dies

Hole Saws

Bandsaw Blades

Shear Blades

Drawing Dies

Forming Dies

End Mills

Drill Bits

Spade Bits


Slitter Blades


Carbide Inserts

Brake Drums & Rotors

Forming Dies

Extrusion Dies

Chainsaw Chain

Wear Plates

Roller Chain

Chipper Knives

Thread Chasers

Carbide Tooling


Swaging Dies

Splined Shaft Sleeves

Injection Molds

Spot Welding Tips

Sprockets, Gears, Shafts

Planer Knives

Chainsaw Bars

Nylon & Delryn


Pump Housings/Impellers

Many common applications of the DRC process include the following

Remember, if your specific application isn’t listed, we offer free tests to industrial customers

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