We don't have any dead people that need freezing.

While Cryonics is the practice of preserving human body parts; Industrial Cryogenics

(what we do) is the process of improving and extending the life of things like tool steels and plastics.

How does Cryogenics work?

By subjecting materials to a super-cooled environment, changes take place (at the molecular level) which promote wear resistance while reducing stress and friction.

Does Cryogenics harden metal or make it more brittle?

No. Cryogenics does not change the hardness of metals. If a cryogenic processor has changed the hardness of your tooling, then they didn’t know what they were doing.

Does Cryogenic treatment wear off?

No. Unlike coatings, the DRC process cannot be worn off or ground out. The transformation occurs at the molecular level. So, once treated, a tool is (for all practical purposes) always treated. Short of getting treated metal red hot, there’s little that could undo our cryogenic treatment.

Does Cryogenic treatment make knives harder to sharpen?

The DRC process actually makes sharpening easier because you have to remove less material to get the tool back to original sharpness. Knives can be ground and re-sharpened many times without the need for re-processing. The net effect of this is that you will gain extra sharpenings from your knives.

Does Cryogenic treatment work on disposable knives?

Most of our customers who use a disposable knife system quickly realize that their “disposable” knives were being disposed of way too early. The DRC process helps get every second of potential runtime out of your “disposables.” See: Common Applications.

Does Cryogenic treatment work on carbide or stellite?

Absolutely, in fact, DRC has a special proprietary process for these materials. We get results where others fail. Many customers tell us that our process also promotes the adhesion of carbide tips to saw bodies. See: Common Applications.

How do you charge? Is it expensive?

DRC prices are calculated by weight using a sliding scale... the more you process, the cheaper the rate. Some bulky or extremely heavy items may receive special discounted pricing. As to the expense, what’s it worth to increase production, reduce downtime, raise product quality and promote safety? Remember, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We don't want to make a bunch of radical changes to our operation, process

or our production lines.

You won't have to: The Down River Cryogenics process is an almost invisible

improvement. It works with the tools you are now using. You won't have to change

your setup, re-calibrate machinery or retrain your employees.

We tried Cryogenic processing before and we didn't get the promised results.

Down River Cryogenics has a tested and proven process unlike any other company

that claims to do cryogenic processing. We get results where others fail.

Moreover, we guarantee it! Just ask our customers.

We don't have the time and/or money to do a bunch of experimentation.

Down River Cryogenics gives each customer free evaluation processing. If you don't like the results; you don't pay for the process... EVER. If we don't meet your expectations; we won't take your money. As to the time, we can usually arrange tests compatible with your established production schedule.

We do our own heat treating (or we buy treated parts). So, we don't need cryogenics.

Even under perfect laboratory conditions, heat treating can only achieve 60% - 70% of the results that Down River Cryogenics guarantees. Why settle, if you don’t have to?

We've heard that Cryogenics just doesn't work on our type of equipment.

Down River Cryogenics doesn't pretend to be a magic cure-all and it won't work on

everything or in every situation, but our customers experience an average of three to five times the useful life of their equipment when we process it. Look at our Common Applications to see if we’re already working with your type of equipment.

We have a knife/tool contract with a vendor. So, we aren’t overly concerned about maximum tool life.

We hear this a lot, but the fact of the matter is you are paying for every piece of tooling you use. You may not pay on the front, but you pay in terms of downtime, decreased efficiency, lower production and diminished workplace safety. Don’t be fooled by the false economy of a contract.

We don’t have time to add a step in our maintenance schedule.

We work with all of the major tooling vendors. They drop ship directly to us. So, DRC will get your tooling treated and  in service... quickly, seamlessly and on time. Likewise, we offer pick-up and delivery across a wide geographic area.

How do I know that this isn’t just a bunch of “snake oil”?

Of course, you could take our word for it, but we know you’ll want proof. Last year four of the top ten producing saw mills in the United States regularly used DRC processing. We’ve been featured in Timber Processing magazine and on numerous websites. Several major corporations have adopted DRC as a “best practices” supplier. At the end of the day, however, all we have is our reputation... a reputation that we grow with every process and every additional hour of otherwise lost production.

Our company already makes way too much money... but thanks anyway.

Okay, nobody has ever told us this. Unless you can't stand to reduce your downtime,

lower your operating costs and get more life from your equipment, you need Down

River Cryogenics. In our business, we've heard it all (almost). So, we aren’t surprised by much, but you’ll be surprised at the results our process provides. Call for your free test.

Cryogenics: The Cold Hard FAQs

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